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Roof Repairs

Like anything else, roofs need a bit of care and attention over the years and the team at JDP Roofing are here to solve your little roofing problems.

If you have just a few missing or broken slates or tiles JDP Roofing have a wide range of suppliers to enable us to find the closest match and get them replaced.

Or if you just have a few dislodged tiles in high-up, hard-to-reach places we have the equipment to come in and fix those for you.

JDP Roofing are proud of their reputation and will never try and sell you a new roof when a simple fix is sufficient and there is no need to replace.

Image of New Roofs by JDP Roofing

Storm Damage

If you have experienced any storm damage with broken tile, slates or other elements of your roof, then get in touch with us to fix your problems. It’s important to move quickly when this happens as water damage can cause problems over a longer period of time.

Insurance Quotes

If you have experienced any kind of damage which has resulted in an insurance claim then calling JDP Roofing makes this a simple process for you.

We are happy to perform the maintenance as well as liaise with insurance assessors on your bahlf to take the hassle out of fixing your roofing problem.

Image of New Roofs by JDP Roofing

Our Process

Once you get in touch with JDP Roofing, we have a simple process which we have followed for years.

  • Appointment - We will arrange for our team to come and see you where we will carry out a full audit of your roofing requirements
  • FREE Written Estimate - We will provide you with a FREE, no obligation estimate of the works that needs carrying out. If there are variety of options, then we will include that in the estimate.
  • Payment - When the job is complete, we will invoice you for the payment , most of our payments are made by bank transfer (BACS) and we will give you our bank details to make any payments.

Mobile: 07976 897726